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Who is this service for?

Centacare Southwest NSW is a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme provider. Centacare’s NDIS Support Coordinator can assist you with the implementation of your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan. Our NDIS Support Coordinators have knowledge and expertise in all plan areas, including Coordination of Supports and Delivery of Services.

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NDIS – National Disability Insurance Scheme

If you already have an NDIS plan or want to know how you can apply for one Centacare can help you.

Centacare is approved to deliver the following services:

Support Coordination

Our team works with you to organise the supports needed to live your best life.

Our dedicated NDIS Coordinators assist you to find individualised, quality supports in order to achieve your goals and to participate more fully in the community. This can include initial assistance with linking you with the right providers based on your needs, assistance to source providers and coordinating a range of supports.
Our NDIS Coordinators aim to build your capacity to manage of your own supports, strengthening your mental health recovery journey.

We do this by helping you to:

  • Understand your NDIS Plan
  • Choose and organise your supports
  • Make sure they do what they said they would do or make changes if you’re not happy
  • Work with you when it is time to make a new NDIS plan

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PsychoSocial Recovery Coaching

Designed to support you when your mental health means you need increased  levels of support. Psychosocial Recovery Coaching is similar to the role done by a Support Coordinators with the added benefit of:

  • More face to face time to fully understand your needs
  • Help you get support from Mental Health Services

Therapy Supports

Under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), these supports provide therapeutic services to participants with an established disability or impairment. We can provide counselling or psychological services, when your plan includes funding under Capacity Building – Improved Daily Living. Our qualified staff can assist you to develop the skills for independence and improve your community participation. Our NDIS therapeutic support services can offer you the following:

  • Psychological assessment, report writing and recommendations.
  • Psychoeducation and support with emotion regulation, self-esteem and communication.
  • Psychosocial assessment.
  • Individual counselling.
  • Family and carer support.
  • Capacity building and skill development.
  • Problem solving and linkage to other services.


Centacare SW NSW charges at the standard NDIS rate per hour as per NDIS Price Guide 2021-2022.

Capacity Building Early Childhood Intervention Supports (under 7 years)

Under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), the provision of Early Intervention provides capacity building supports, to assist children under the age of seven with a disability or developmental delay. Services and support can be delivered with their families and carers within the home, childhood education settings or other community settings. Our early childhood approach focuses on being both strength-based and family-centred. We are dedicated to enhancing overall quality of life. Our treatment plans are evidenced-based, focused upon improved independence, play and social skills, school readiness and communication.


Centacare SW NSW charges at the standard NDIS rate per hour as per NDIS Price Guide 2021-2022.

Capacity Building Early Childhood Interventions Supports (under 7 years): $193.99

Capacity Building Early Childhood Interventions – Psychology (under 7 years): $214.41

Specialist Behaviour Support Services

Under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Positive Behaviour Support refers to an approach that provides direction on how a person should be supported to decrease the occurrence of behaviours of concern, and improve their quality of life.

We understand that all behaviour serves a function, and offer effective, trauma-informed specialist behaviour support services that are individualistic and focus on the person’s strengths.

We use a variety of comprehensive assessment tools to assess the person’s individual needs, and develop plans that are functionally and socially significant for the person and their families.


Individuals, parents, support coordinators or other disability services can refer a participant to Centacare SW NSW for services.

Upon receiving a referral, the Behaviour Support Practitioner at Centacare SW NSW will check there is Improved Relationships funding allocated in the individual’s NDIS Plan. This is an important step in the process, as it is a requirement for accessing Specialist Behaviour Support under the NDIS. We will then work with you and your support team to arrange a suitable time for an intake appointment.

During the intake appointment, our Behaviour Support Practitioner will work from a person centred or family centred approach to understand your individual needs. This is done to best support you to achieve positive outcomes for you or your participant. Our intake appointment can be either face-to-face, via telehealth or over the phone, and takes approximately 1-1.5 hours. Our Behaviour Support Practitioner will work with you and your support team on the following:

  • Interim Support and Safety Plan.
  • Functional Behaviour Assessment (FBA).
  • Training and Education for your family and support team as required.
  • Comprehensive Positive Behaviour Support Plan.


Centacare SW NSW charges at the standard NDIS rate per hour as per NDIS Price Guide 2021-2022.

Capacity Building: Improved Relationships (Specialist Behaviour Intervention Support): $214.41

Capacity Building: Improved Relationships (Behavioural Management Plan): $193.99

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