Our responsibilities & code of ethics

Code of Ethics

All members of staff and volunteers of Centacare will adhere to policies, programs and procedures which:

  • Protect and uphold every person’s right to live with dignity.
  • Respect the fundamental and central role of the family in society.
    • Acknowledge the individual’s right to:
    • Live a full life without undue social control and unwarranted interference.
    • Participate in decision-making processes affecting their personal and community life.
    • Ensure services are available to all people whatever their race, ethnic background, creed, sexuality or disability.
    • Uphold confidentiality on information within the limits of the law.

Our responsibilities to our Participants

Centacare recognises and upholds its responsibilities to clients. The agency will:

  • Advise clients of their rights and provide a written copy of such rights as requested.
  • Treat individuals with respect and preserve their rights to dignity and privacy.
  • Advise clients of Centacare’s confidentiality policy advise clients of the grievance and/or complaints policy and provide a copy upon request.
  • Refer and liaise with other services of Centacare and/or external agencies as appropriate.
  • Where appropriate, encourage service users and their carers to have the support of another person to act as their advocate and promote best practice and quality of service.
  • Ensure access to services is equitable.