Anxiety Coach

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Who is this course for?

Anxiety Coach is a 3 week online education course for parents and carers about reducing anxiety and building resilience in 2-12 year old children.

This course is facilitated by a Parentshop licenced practitioner 

When: Weekly  (3 Weeks)

Starts: 9th August, 2024

Register before: 26th July, 2024

Course objectives

  • Understand how a well-honed theory of parenting (what you need to repeatedly do) can assist parents to manage children’s worries
  • Create awareness about how some misguided policies are making parents and children more anxious
  • Understand more about the brain, including how the pre-frontal middle cortex and the amygdala operate, and where fear and anxiety originates
  • Recognise commonly misused phrases and cognitive distortions used by children and their peers
  • Learn helicopter view of what risks we can allow and which require us to keep children safe.
  • Recognise ‘Traps and trip wires’: what to do when a child’s amygdala starts to play-up
  • Learn memorable strengthening sayings, questioning strategies and mindfulness exercises


Registrations + Enquiries

For further information or to register your interest please contact Centacare South West NSW call 1300 619 379 or enquire online via our form below.

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Aug 09 - 23 2024


11:00 am - 1:00 pm



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