“Sending nudes” Sexting

News April 2022 April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Sexting means using a phone or the internet to take, ask for, receive, send, or share intimate photos or videos, including where someone is naked, partly naked, posing sexually, or doing a sexual act (Youth Law Australia). Teens tend to use other words like ‘nudes’ and ‘dick pics’. Sending Nudes or ...

Afghan Women’s Wellbeing Day

Centacare attended an Afghan Women’s Wellbeing Day in Griffith NSW. It was a lovely afternoon of delicious food and making paper cranes

Family Man

How important is the role of fathers in their children’s lives?
This is only scratching the surface of the important role that father’s play. And, of course while mother’s and fathers are different, one is not better than the other

Men’s Mental Health – Rural Mental Health Perceptions

Mental health stigma is more common in rural areas, as sometimes symptoms of mental illness amongst men can be perceived as having a weak character. Rural males are less likely to seek help and instead use unhealthy coping strategies such as drug and alcohol use to cope with stress. Rural stigma has an everlasting effect, men are more likely to experience poorer mental health outcomes.

What is Locus?

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing enormous uncertainty and stress for people worldwide. Individuals are experiencing a sense of “loss of control” over their health, finances, and daily activities.