Millie Goes Purple: A Passionate Stand for Bravehearts

News March 2022

Millie’s Colorful Journey: Painting Hope with Purple

Today, we shine a spotlight on Millie’s inspiring journey of going purple for a heartfelt cause.

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Millie is going to be dyeing her hair Purple to raise funds and awareness for Bravehearts, an organisation that is dedicated to the prevention and awareness of child sexual abuse.

Millie’s commitment to raising awareness for Bravehearts is nothing short of extraordinary.
She’s going all out, even with her being Bridesmaid at her brother’s wedding the next weekend!
Now, that’s true dedication and belief in this incredible cause.

Why Purple?

Millie’s decision to colour her hair purple symbolises her unwavering support for “Braveheart,” a cause that’s dedicated to survivors of child sexual abuse and safeguarding children from sexual harm.

About Bravehearts:

Bravehearts is a beacon of hope, raising awareness and resources to empower survivors.

They work tirelessly to protect the community’s most vulnerable, our children, from the horrors of sexual abuse.

Let’s join forces and show our unwavering support!

Hears what you can do:

Spread the word: Share this post to help raise awareness about Millie’s fundraiser. Let’s reach as many people as possible and spread the message of compassion and generosity.

Donate: Every contribution, no matter how big or small, makes a significant difference.
Together, we can help Millie achieve her fundraising goal and make a lasting impact! Link Here 

Encourage others: Let’s inspire our friends, family, and colleagues to join us in supporting Millie’s fundraiser. Share her story, highlight the importance of the cause, and encourage others to get involved.

Remember, it’s the collective effort that creates significant change. Let’s show the world what we can accomplish when we come together to support a cause that truly matters.

Millie, we applaud your commitment and selflessness.
Thank you for being an outstanding role model, both within our organisation and the community.
Let’s make this fundraiser a resounding success!


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