Webinar: Wellbeing Boost: A Guide To Parental Self-Care

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Who is this webinar for?

Wellbeing Boost: A Guide To Parental Self-Care is a FREE 1.5hr webinar designed to help parents understand the importance of self-care and learn practical strategies for self-compassion in everyday life. 

When: Thursday 14th March, 2024

Course objectives

“We encourage you to take some time for yourself, reflect on your successes as a parent and walk away from this webinar with new insights on caring for yourself with love and compassion.”

Learn to:

  • Understand the relationship between self-care and patience in parenting.
  • Make space for self-care and the role of self-compassion in your life.
  • Apply mindful practices that encourage kindness to yourself. 
  • Seek alternative ways to help guide your self-care journey.

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Mar 14 2024
New dates coming soon - Please check again or call 1300 619 379


5:30 pm - 7:00 pm



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