Parenting Under Pressure (PuP)

Parents Under Pressure (PuP) is a FREE program promoting a nurturing environment for families by helping parents facing adversity develop positive and secure relationships with their children.

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What is the PuP Program?

The Parents Under Pressure (PuP) program incorporates psychological principles relating to child development, parenting and parental emotional regulation within a case management model.

The overarching aim of the PuP program is to help parents facing adversity develop positive and secure relationships with their children. Within this strength-based approach, the family environment becomes more nurturing and less conflictual and child behaviour problems can be managed in a calm non punitive manner.

The program is home-based and designed for families in which there are many difficult life circumstances that impact on family functioning. Such problems may include depression and anxiety, substance misuse, family conflict and severe financial stress. The program is highly individualised to suit each family.

The PuP program is intended to be delivered on a one-to-one basis, usually in the family’s home. A Practitioners Manual provides the theoretical overview behind the PuP program and a Parent Workbook is given to the family as the basis of the treatment program, which for many parents becomes a personal journal of their treatment experience and valuable resource for the future. The Parent Workbook is seen as a buffet of options to choose from rather than a fixed recipe to follow.

The PuP Modules contain many different exercises that help the parent work towards their own parenting goals.

The art of PuP therapy is to use the program creatively, acknowledging the unique needs and resources of each family, and the existing skills of PuP therapists.

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