Supporting Your Child’s Return to School

News September 2021

Supporting Your Child’s Return to School from Home Learning

School Wellbeing Practitioner Janine Harrington provides some timely advice when navigating your child’s return to learning at school.
With most children transitioning back to school this week, many will be experiencing a range of emotions. It is important to listen to your child and acknowledge how they are feeling.

Children crave predictability, particularly in these uncertain times. By having effective communication with your school, you are well equipped to reassure your child regarding any changes in school routines or expectations. Highlight the things that have not changed, for example, teachers, classrooms and lunchtimes.

With the extensive media coverage around Covid -19, some children may have safety concerns around returning to school. Reassure your child that the number one job that teachers have is to keep children safe and that schools will have many things in place to help safeguard children’s health and wellbeing.
Encourage your child to have helpful, positive thoughts around returning to school. What are they looking forward to? What makes them smile at school? What are they proud of? What are they grateful for? How has your child overcome challenges in the past? What strengths do they draw upon?
Assist your child in identifying the helpers at their school. Who can they reach out to if they are feeling a little uneasy? Remind them that they can also be a helper by offering kindness to someone else who may be struggling.

Keeping a regular bedtime and morning routine throughout the whole week is very important. This will help your child adjust to those early mornings on their allocated school days. Emphasise that your child’s school has been missing them and that the teachers are very much looking forward to their return.
Please speak to your child’s classroom teacher if you find your child is experiencing ongoing difficulties as they transition back to school.

Janine Harrington is a School Wellbeing Practitioner providing support to four schools in Wagga and surrounds. She is just as ready to return to the vibrant sounds of the school-yard as the students.