RU OK? In the classroom

News September 2021

RU OK? In the classroom

For students, learning how to support their peers and talk about how they feel is an important life lesson, so where better to start than in the classroom?
Mental wellness and destigmatising labels starts by educating young children. COVID and lockdowns are creating a lot of uncertainty and anxiety, and we all deal with this in different ways. More than ever we need to connect with others, lean on each another and check in on each other’s wellbeing.

R U OK day seeks to create a world where we’re all connected. No matter what your age, you’re never too young to look out for a friend or family member.
The R U OK? Team have produced a comprehensive and curriculum aligned K-6 package for schools to introduce and emphasise the value of close connections and strong relationships. Being able to meaningfully support someone and strengthening peer-to-peer support skills should begin in the early years of a child’s life through teaching them to look after themselves and their peers.

Children cannot be expected to fix someone’s problems, nor know the best way to help and support. However they can be encouraged to listen to what their friend is saying, let them know they care and tell a teacher, school counsellor or trusted adult if they are worried about their friend. By promoting an environment of positive peer support and accessing support channels via an adult, children can learn that asking, ‘Are you OK?’ is a key life skill.

Centacare’s School Wellbeing Practitioners specialise in meeting the needs of children, young people, families and school staff to enhance the wellbeing and development of children and the school community. We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with other key stakeholders to promote best practice outcomes for all clients. We are in over 30 Primary Schools as well as provide mental health, wellbeing and other education programs in High Schools to support teenagers and young adults.

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RU OK School Toolkit