Neurodivergence and Ensuring an Inclusive Workplace

News April 2022

Neurodivergence and Ensuring an Inclusive Workplace

Autism awareness month for 2022 brings light to ensuring more inclusive workplaces for Neurodiverse individuals. Codie our Registered Psychologist shares some information on Neurodiversity the workplace.

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Whilst research is catching up, there has been a huge movement amongst the Autistic community in celebrating individual differences, also known as Neurodivergence. The key to inclusion amongst those who are Neurodivergent is to consider individual needs that may be different to Neurotypical people.

Neurodivergent is a term that refers to a person who thinks and processes differently from the majority (referred to as neurotypical). This may include differences in organization, memory, concentration, perception, and communication. It includes conditions such as Autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dyspraxia. Neurodivergence can mean that living in a world that is largely designed for neurotypicals, is challenging at times.

When we consider the workplace environment, in any industry, it is clear that employers and management teams are looking for success. Whilst many workplaces have well-established policies and procedures, they may not take into account Neurodivergent needs. The best way to ensure inclusivity for all, is to communicate and collaborate to ensure everyone is feeling well-equipped to complete their job.

One of the most important considerations to making a workplace inclusive is EDUCATION. The Neurodiversity Hub has some resources that can be helpful place to start Neurodiversity Hub

Be ADAPTIVE to individual needs. Autistic needs are different for each individual, so it is important to communicate and adapt to those individual needs. This might include using different styles of communication, in particular written communication rather than verbal instruction. Sensory overload can be overwhelming, and therefore things in the environment may need to be adjusted, such as lighting, noise, and temperature, among others.

Finally, EMBRACE diversity in the workplace. There are many potential skills and abilities that an Autistic employee may hold, such as providing unique perspectives that can drive innovation.


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