Do it for Dolly Day

News May 2022

Do it for Dolly Day

Centacare was a sea of blue today as we rallied behind Do it for Dolly Day. .

It is important for us to raise awareness about the serious issues of bullying and its devastating effects. We want our communities to know that we are here to support victims and their families that have been affected by bullying.


Staff in our Wagga office crafted a tree and invited clients to write a message on a butterfly about what kindness means to them, the butterfly was placed on the wall surrounding the tree. It’s a lovely addition to the entry way, and also doubles as a conversation starter among our visitors and staff about the effects of bullying and how we can all play our part in taking a stand against it.

Keryn our Family and Relationship Practitioner said “not only is it a very important awareness day, it is also a great concept for our clients to be able to reflect upon acts of kindness”


Griffith staff dressed in blue Dolly’s favorite colour, had a lovely afternoon tea and cut out butterflies to decorate their lunchroom. They used this activity to discuss opportunities on how to encourage youth to stand up to bullying and educate them with strategies to support others that may be being bullied. They also wanted to remind everyone that by showing kindness and doing kind acts for others, gives feelings of satisfaction and well-being, it releases the feel good hormone, and gives a positive effect on a person’s mental health.

Our Schools Teams

Our School Wellbeing Practitioners used Do it for Dolly Day to have conversations about bullying and how it can cause anxiety and depression, they showed the children some breathing and wellbeing exercises so they have the tools to help relieve any feeling of anxiety they may encounter.

A big thank you to all our offices and schools, including headspace Griffith for all the work decorating your offices and in raising awareness about bullying, anxiety, depression and youth suicide, and ensuring they know we are here to help and support them.

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